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Der Schlossgut Schwante Workshop 2023

27.-29. September

The Institute for Artists’ Estates is coming to Schlossgut Schwante, close to Berlin, for a 3-day seminar for artists’ estates and artist-endowed foundations.
Trained by high profile referents in a small group of 25 persons max., artist’s estate and artist’s organisation executives as well as other art world representatives will learn about all relevant fields of artist’s legacy planning and artist’s estate management, accompanied by an exciting range of case studies.

LOCATION: Schlossgut Schwante, close to Berlin

DATE: 27th-29th September 2023


Due to very limited capacities and to secure a balanced composition of participants we will conduct a selection procedure. We are now open for applications.

Please contact us via

Key questions that will be addressed:

1. How should the estate be administered?
Should the estate be administered in a private form?
Should the estate be administered in an institutionalised form?
Profit or non-profit definition of objectives?

2. Who should administer the estate?


Third party?

Role of advisory bodies?

Composition of advisory bodies?

3. Which objectives can be reached?
How to define the objectives for the estate in the short, mid, and long term?
Should the estate be set-up for an indefinite or definite period?

How to finance the achieving of these objectives?
4. What are MY instruments?
What do I do with the archive and studio?
Will a catalogue raisonné and an authentication committee be necessary?

How do I work with museums?

How do I work with academia/scholarship?

How do I work with the art market?